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Our specialist solicitors deal with medical negligence compensation claims using both legal aid (which is still available for matters relating to errors by a healthcare professional) and the no win no fee scheme. In order to gather as much evidence as possible prior to the issue of legal proceedings we also offer a completely ‘pro bono’ scheme, totally without charge, relating to the NHS complaints procedure. Whilst our lawyers are all members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of clinical negligence experts, it goes without saying that the success of any legal action involving litigation in a court of law also depends on the quality of the evidence. The aim of using the NHS complaints procedure is to ensure that the NHS reveals as much information as possible prior to either initiating the no win no fee scheme or applying for legal aid and indeed the outcome of an NHS complaint may well include an irrefutable admission of liability. An NHS complaint is often about the following issues, upon which we can give legal advice however much more serious matters can also form the basis of the enquiry :-

  • quality of service
  • inadequate provision of information
  • inadequate explanations
  • attitude of medical staff
  • physical condition of buildings
  • hygiene standards
  • competence of staff
  • delays or cancellations
  • administrative problems
  • food and other facilities
  • visiting hours


The UK National Health Service (NHS) has a well established procedure for making a formal complaint against a hospital, clinic, doctor or other healthcare provider. We will advise and assist you in all of the formalities, with no charge whatsoever. Hospitals, clinics and doctors surgeries usually have a member of staff specifically assigned to deal with NHS complaints which can be made either verbally or in writing. If you wish us to assist you in making a complaint you should contact us first, before making any complaint whatsoever. We will give you advice on the best and most effective way to make an NHS complaint after considering your particular circumstances. In more serious cases which may result in action for clinical negligence in a court of law it is often preferable to make the complaint in writing to ensure that there is no doubt about the matter at a later stage, especially if the NHS complaint and the subsequent NHS response is to be used as evidence in a medical negligence compensation claim.


The NHS complaints procedure is initially dealt with at local level however in the event of the patient not being satisfied with the response it is possible to refer the matter to an independent review panel which will produce a report on the investigation and will make recommendations. If the patient remains concerned about the outcome of the deliberation by the independent review panel then application can be made to the Health Service Commissioner otherwise known as The Ombudsman.


If you would like free advice on the NHS complaints procedure and assistance with making a complaint just use the helpline, email our offices or send the contact form. A lawyer who is a member of the Solicitor Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts will advise you on the NHS complaints procedure and will assist you to make a complaint with no charge and no further obligation. In the event that the NHS complaint reveals further evidence your solicitor will discuss with you the prospect of a medical negligence compensation claim using either legal aid or the no win no fee* scheme.

SOLICITORS HELPLINE: ☎ 0344 414 0018

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